Realize, Ignite, & Maximize

Your Individual, Team, and Organizational Selling Potential!

Find out how to get to IGNITE YOUR SELLING POTENTIAL to
with the expertise of Susan A. Lund!

This book will help individuals, teams and organizations learn how to:

  • Avoid hazards and navigate around challenges to your desired destination
  • Realize and maximize your selling potential and your teams’ selling potential
  • Get everyone on the same page to create a consistent, repeatable client experience
  • Transform activity into productivity® to gain a competitive advantage
  • Gain visibility and accountability and fuel stronger relationships
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Regardless of your challenges and where you are, you will
to navigate to your DESIRED DESTINATION.

This book is for anyone who aspires to grow, succeed or partner with sales to generate predictable, sustainable revenue and results.

Ignite Your Selling Potential provides individuals, teams, and organizations with a differentiated approach to apply proven strategies and principles in a practical manner to drive profitable revenue and business results while at the same time, bringing out the best in people!
Lionel Nowell III

Board of Directors, Darden, Reynolds American, Bank of America, American Electric Power, Previous SVP and Treasurer, PepsiCo

A must read for all sales organizations! This is the first sales book that I have seen that incorporates online tools that are simple, practical and will drive results. I strongly recommend Susan’s unique approach to transforming productivity into great sales results.”
Keith Ferguson

Sr. Sales Director, Biogen

“The combination of the book, Ignite Your Selling Potential, and the 90-Day Acceleration Course is a great way to get people productive fast! What I like the most is how easy the Ignite Your Selling Potential book makes it to focus my entire team; marketing, sales, and education on optimizing the client experience and driving results during every interaction.”

Dean Ferkinhoff

Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Your are in the driver’s seat, TAKE THE WHEEL and
Experience results within 90 days.

Ignite Your Selling Potential walks you through 7 SIMPLE Accelerators to DRIVE REVENUE and RESULTS FAST.

In Ignite Your Selling Potential, Author Susan A. Lund reveals a practical roadmap with 7 Accelerators™ to inspire, equip and empower you, your team and your organization to drive profitable revenue and results fast. You will gain access to proven strategies and principles that work to bring about the growth you desire and catapult your organization to greater success.

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Susan A. Lund

Susan A. Lund

is President of MR3, a Metrics-Driven Sales, Leadership and Productivity Consulting firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Susan has more than 30 years of experience in business, sales, sales leadership, sales coaching, sales training, productivity, and executive coaching. During this time, Susan hired, motivated, coached, trained, and led a sales team from $5.2M in sales to $139M in sales in less than three years, scaled sales in multiple organizations and developed winning teams, thus earned numerous awards for exceeding performance goals.

She has trained, coached and motivated more than 3,000 senior executives, sales and marketing executives, managers and sales representatives. Susan has directly managed 120+ people with domestic and international responsibility in sales, marketing and education. Since founding MR3, she has positively impacted thousands of people and multiple organizations to gain incremental revenue growth. Susan is a gifted speaker, trainer, consultant and coach. She is also a certified coach, speaker, and member of the John Maxwell Team. She lives with her husband in Minnesota. She enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and giving back to her community.

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